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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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1914 Star (T.Buxton. B.R.C.S. & O.St.J.J.); British War and Victory Medal with MID Oakleaf (T.Buxton. V.A.D.); Montenegro, Medal for Zeal, silver issue. M.I.D. London Gazette. Miss Theresa Buxton was Commandant V.A.D. served in France from 19.10.1914 with Dame Katherine Furse, and was one of the 20 Ladies of the VAD, all the stars are named to B.R.C.S. & O.St.J.J.. There are no 14 Stars to the V.A.D. She served at Boulogne Rest Station 1914 to Jan 1915; French Red Cross July 1915 to Sep 1916; Switzerland Chateau D'Oex April 1917; Abbeville Rest Station from 25.5.1917 to 25.11.1917; W.A.A.C. Sick Bay Calais July 1917 to Nov 1918. After WW2 she took over the job of County Organiser for the St.John and Red Cross Hospital Libraries for Essex. Very fine or better on original ribbons. (4) £875.


1914 Star & Bar/BWM/Victory to 8639 A/WO Cl 1 (RSM) W Cass 2nd Durham Light Infantry MIC William. To france 08/09/1914, Copy Medal roll. On screw back ribbon bar & Original ribbon. £275.

1914 Star Bar Trio to 26387 WO11/Lt. C H Wood Royal Garrison Artillery MIC & Service history. Charles Henry. On original ribbons & clasp. Enlisted 30/04/1907 RGA. Entered France 17/09/1914. Commissioned in the field 19/08/1917. Wounded Army list 1922. £250.

1914 Star & Bar/BWM/Victory(MID) to 9300 WO11 H Thwaite, Kings Own Scottish Borderers , MIC Harry. To France 15/08/1914, Entieled to SWB. Copy LG 2 Jan 1917 for MID, Medal & SWB rolls. Small engraved CSM H Thwaite plate on star covering name and rank  His rank on star should be Cpl. BWM & Vic stamped WO11 probably why he had plate added.

Swing mounted on original ribbons. £325.

1914 Star with Bar, BWM, Victory Medal, GVR GSM clasp Irag, GV LSGC & Belguim Croix De Guerre to 6218/7246781 S/sjt A W Cockerell Royal Army Medical Corps. The Croix De Guerre is confirmed LG 12/7/1918 page 8173. £795.

1914 Star Trio.  145030 Pte R Pell 1/1 North'N Yeo,  BWM & Victory Medal to 534 Pte R Pell North'N Yeo. Pte Pell first entered Franc 06/11/1914. The medals come with a copy of the MIC. A very scarce 1914 Star trio to a Yeomanry unit. £550   

1914 Star & Bar/BWM/Victory to 6534 Pte J H Mullins 1st East Yorkshire Regiment MIC John H. To France 02/11/1914. £275.


1914 Star & Bar/BWM/Victory to 10713 Pte J R Grimsby Coldstream Guards MIC James R. To France 07/10/1914. Entitled SWB copy roll Emphysema. Original ribbons £290.


1914 Star & Bar/BWM/Victory to 8161 Pte C Upton 1st Grenardier Guards MIC Christopher. To France 12/11/1914. Entitled SWB copy roll VDH. Original ribbons 8” £290.

1914 Star /BWM/Victory to 1914 Star W. O. Gardner B.R.C.S. & O St J J;  BWM and VM to 2534 Gnr W O Gardner Royal Artillery MIC show Wilfred Ormand Gardner as an Orderly with the BRCS Date of entry as 1.10.14 and then Gnr. R.F.A. (T.F.) The medals are correctly named. The 1914 Star does show some wear to the face, I guess from Wilfred polishing the medal too much...but the details are still visible. Public Record Officer 1914 Star paperwork shows Wilfred Gardner as an Orderly with BRCS Paris Unit No.1. 30 pages of service history £235.


1914 Star & Bar (Slip on type) /Victory/Army LS&GC (GV) Cap badge to 6483 Pte J Byrne 1/Dns LS&GC 389632 Sjt J Byrne  The Royals Born Tipperary Ireland 1884 member 4th Royal Irish Reg (Militia) attested 8th Kings Royal Hussars 1902 aged 18 years. Served India & South Africa with1st (Royal) Dragoons. Wounded 13 May 1915 Had number of sick periods during WW1. Discharged 16 July 1923. Lived Aldershot.  MIC John. Copies service papers and research. £275.


1914 Star, BWM & Victory Medal to 8005 Pte/A Sjt Howarth 1/East Lancs. 1914 Star named Pte, BWM, Victory Medal named A/Sjt. £225.


1914 Star with Clasp, BWM & Victory Medal to 8339 Pte J W Rowley 1 Shropshire Light Infantry, Pte Rowley entered F&F 02-11-1914. Pte Rowley as served with the RE & MFP. The medals come with confirmation of the clasp and also having served in the RE & MFP. £295.


1914/15 Star, BWM, Victory Medal to Pte T Wheatley 17010 Nothumberland Fusiliers. The medals are swing mounted on original ribbons. £100.


1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory Medal to 2909 Pte T Jermy NF. Pte Jermy also served as a Sjt with the Tank Corps & was WIA. The medals are on original ribbons swing mounted. £130.


1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory Medal to 12061 Pte P Kaye KOYLI, Pte Kaye was wounded twice. The medals are on original ribbons and come with a newspaper cutting about Pte Kaye. £115.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory/SWB to 3017/240948 Pte W Jameson 5th Bn. East Lancs Reg Whalley. MIC Entered Gallipoli (Dardanelles) 23/07/1915, From Accrington. Service history . Hospital trench foot and knee damage. He collapsed and died at the coal face aged 52 Scaitcliffe Colliery. Copy newspaper report. New ribbons £130.



1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory J B Rapkins British Red Cross & St John of Jerusalem Motor Ambulance Department MIC Chauffer. John Bransdon. Medal rolls. Swing mounted on original ribbons & bar. £140.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 1938/325148.Pte.A.E.Carr, 9th Durham Light Infantry (Gateshead Ghurkas), MIC full papers wounded in action October 1917 shrapnel shoulder France from April 1915 ex 54th Vol Bn DLI 1912 pre-war, came from Blaydon on Tyne. New ribbons medals untouched dark patina. £95.


 1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 3589  Pte S Bell, K.R.RIF.C, Also 58451  Cpl 2nd 1st West Kent Yeomanry, MIC. Service history. Sgt reduced to Cpl absence from parae.  GSW to face sent to King George V Hospital Dublin (report) Pensioned. Group with original medal boxes,  envelopes, short ribbons, original paperwork for SWB b209611(missing badge) Discharge papers and Army Z18 Form stating Bell was a 1st class Lewis and Hotchkiss Gunner from 7.9.14 to discharge also shows one wound stripe and one blue chevron wounded overseas in action then returned to instructor duties. What is nice is his orig plated army whistle comes with group J.H..CO PATENT. Cracking complete group to a Lewis Gunner. lovely patina to medals. £205.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory (BWM erased original) to 13088 Pte. T Hardy, 7th Yorks Regiment, MIC. Thomas. To France 13.7.1915 7th Yorks SWB list full papers from Hexham Wounded in Action June 1917 GSW right and left thigh fractured tibia discharged 9.4.1918 New ribbons, nice patina good service history. £95.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 15719 Pte J Townsley, Border Reg, Also 13628 MGC, MIC John Medal rolls. Wounded  09/08/1915. New ribbons More research needed. £105.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 67174 Dvr C Waddington, Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery, Entered France 25/09/1915. New Ribbons, MIC. Christopher. Service history, £90.



1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 53275 Pte E Cheadle, Royal Army medical Corps. MIC. Edward . Entered France 07/09/1915. Pieces of original ribbon. £85.



1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 26084 Pte P Hayward, Cheshire Reg MIC to France 22/07/1915 and service history, GSW right arm 04/09/1916. WIA 10/08/1917. £110.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 2120 Pte W H Allen Gloucestershire Regiment MIC. William H. Entered France 02/12/1914. On original ribbons. £95.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, MSM GVR/Lapel Badge 11267 WO1 (RSM) J Kirkpatrick 6th East Lancashire Regiment MSM L.G 28/10/1920 For N W Frontier Of India – Only 2 MSM’s Awarded For The N W F In 1920. £1250.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to R-4988 Pte T E Elliot 17th Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps MIC. Thomas Edward to France 21/07/1915 GSW right leg 28/03/1918 POW same date. SWB Roll entitlement confirmed. 10 pages service history. £140.

1914-15 Star /BWM/Victory 34523 Pte G Mark Yorkshire Light Infantry MIC  George Entered France 22/07/1915. £90.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 5185 Gnr G Dean, Royal Garrison Artillery Entered Egypt 10/07/1915.  MIC George  £85.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 2495 Pte J T Swinbourne. Worcestershire Regiment MIC. John T.  Entered France 01/04/1915 £95.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 11938 Pte J W Millward, Kings Shropshire Light Infantry MIC John William. To France 24/07/1915 Entitled SWB. Service history. GSW L wrist. Convicted by civil court 1923 of stealing 1cwt glue sentenced 6 week imprisonment with hard labour.  Medals on original grubby ribbons. £120.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory Oak Leaf (MID) 54032 Sjt. F Finneron, Royal Army Medical Corps. MIC. Fred. A/S/Sgt. Entered 2B Balkans 07/08/1915. Service history, LG 06/08/1918 MID. In East Africa 21 months. Malaria/dysentery. Swing mounted as worn on original ribbons, pin missing.



1914-15 Star/BWM/Bi-Lingual Victory to Cpl O Algar 2nd Infantry, South Africa Field Artillery & South Africa Heavy Artillery, Served Cape Town Highlanders 3 years & DEOR UDF 1 year pre war. Service history Oswald. Star 2nd Infantry. On original ribbons. £100.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory A4414 H Duncan LS RNR BT 377/7/4429  Description: Name Duncan, Harry, Place of Birth: Montrose, Number: A 4414, Date of Birth: 11 August 1891, Entitled SWB. Copy roll. On 2 pieces of original ribbon. £95


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 28 1386 G Foale SPO Royal Navy, Service history George. Enlisted 1896. Medal roll. Photos and details of two ships. Pensioned £90.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory, H J Strickland GSR Marine Fleet Auxiliary, Medal roll. On original ribbons. £95.

 1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 10807 Cpl F J Norman 6th Somerset Light Infantry, MIC Frederick J. To France 21/05/1915 £100.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 6640 Sgt C Leigh Manchester Reg MIC Cecil Entered France 08/11/1915, Discharged 21/03/1918 Entitled SWB No 346711 (Roll) £105.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 11606 Pte T H Warmington Devon Regiment, also 51297 Liverpool Reg MIC Thomas.  To France 22/09/1915, Original medal boxes. £125.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 2120 Pte W H Allen Gloucestershire Regiment MIC. William H.  Entered France 02/12/1914 On original ribbons. £95.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 6310 Cpl H Barlow Army Cyclist Corps MIC. Harry. To France 06/09/1915. £100.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 26084 Pte P Hayward Cheshire Reg. MIC to France 22/07/1915 and service history, GSW right arm 04/09/1916. WIA 10/08/1917. £100.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory/SWB 3310/201084 Pte A Taylor  East Lancs Reg Albert. MIC and SWB confirmation. Entered Gallipoli (Dardanelles) 23/07/1915 £150.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to PLY 13645 J C McNeill. Royal Marine Light InfantryService papers James. Enlisted 12/02/1906 Came from Leith Scotland. £95.

1914/15 Trio, SWB & Safe Driving Award Medal (Gold & Silver, hallmarked & named) to 2945/265738 Pte R Siddle West Yorks Regiment. The SDA has 5 additional clasps dated 1938,1940, 1941, 1942 & 1943. £250.

1914/15 Trio, SWB & Safe Driving Award Medal (Gold & Silver, hallmarked & named) to 2945/265738 Pte R Siddle West Yorks Regiment. The SDA has 5 additional clasps dated 1938,1940, 1941, 1942 & 1943. £250.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, GVR TEM 656 Cpl W R Jackman Buckinghamshire Yeomanry (Trio) R.A.S.C (TEM).  £375.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal to 1618 Pte H Smith Northamptonshire Yeomanry.  £295. 

1914-15 Star/BWM/Bi-Lingual Victory Pte N G Crozier Hartigan’s Horse & SAHA.  £225.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, GVR TEM to 955 Sjt W C Harris 6th Devon Regiment  Bn Only Served In Mesopotamia & India During WW1. £275. 

1914/15 Star to Cpl J A Holgate East Lancs, BWM, Victory Medal with 2 MID Emblems to Lieut J A Holgate. The medals come with Officers Service Book & Commission Parchment, 2 x MID Certificates& Various papers. Cpl/Lieut Holgate first served with the East Lancs then Lieut 16th Btn Liverpool Regiment & 8th Btn Cheshire Regiment (A/Captain). Served France & Mesopotamia. £425   

1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory Medals to L-15069 Pte B Rogers 2nd Btn Middlesex Regiment. Pte Rogers was a P O W F&F. The medals come with Photo's of service in India & Malta, 2 Post Cards from P O W Camps at Limburg & Dulmen & a Health Memoranda for Soldiers Booklet Stamped Orderly Room Middlesex Regiment 1911. £220.

1914/15 Trio to 2687 Pte S J Broderick Welch Regiment. The group comes with a copy of the MIC & the 1901 census & the rolls for the 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory Medal. £135.

1914/15 Star to SS-22613 Pte R Coutts ASC, BWM & Victory Medal to Deal-9378-S- Pte R Coutts RM. This is a scarce trio to a War Time raised unit. Formed in 1917 a block of soldiers transferred from the ASC to the Royal Marine Labour Corp. The Medal office records Pte Coutts as dying after discharge & his medals were claimed by his brother. The group comes with a copy of his paperwork. 3 EF £165.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to  8710 Pte J Proctor Durham Light Infantry Entered 21/08/1915. MIC John confirming trio. Mounted on pin on original ribbons in reverse order. £90


1914/15 Trio to 88004 Pnr J Webb Royal Engineers Also WR/251924 Royal Engineers MIC John Entered France 21/05/1915 £80.


1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 7033 Pnr S Lewis Royal Engineers Also 387033 & WR/27605 Royal Engineers MIC Samuel Entered France 24/02/1915 Original ribbons £80.

1914/15 Trio to 34215 Pte J Reiff 1st Welch Regiment Discharged due to wounds 27/11/1915. Pte Reiff disembarked 29/7/1915 so was in France for less than 4 months before being discharged, he is also entitled to a SWB number 188271. The group comes with a copy of the short service papers & paperwork confirming trio & SWB. A nice group to a nice Regiment. £150.

Group of Five. Father & Son 14/15 Star/Victory Medal SS/6082 Pte G F Paxton Army Service Corps  WR 267838/250617 Pte Royal Engineers MIC George F entered France 09/01/1915 entitled trio. Son 1939/45 Star/Atlantic Star/War medal. 3rd Engineer Officer George Foster Paxton SS British Workman (London) Merchant Navy Killed 30/05/1942 aged 30 Ship torpedoed. Confirmation of medals, CWGC paperwork, 2 x Menu cards for his ships dated 1937 New Years Dinner RMS Khandalla & Xmas Dinner RMS Rajula with his rank as 5th Engineer & Junior Engineer, with a report on one of his ships. 14 pages of research included. Came from South Shields £185.

1914/15 Trio Plus Ashington Tribute Medal (Named) 13515 Pte W Brown York Reg (4) £240.

1914-15 Star /BWM/Victory to 2082/200302 Pte/Cpl C H Pollard 1st Yorkshire Light Infantry. MIC Entered France 13/04/1915. £90.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 15217/TR/5/4292 Pte I Bagnall 14th Durham Light Infantry Entered France 08/10/1915  MIC Isaiah confirming trio. Entitled SWB Some history. £90.

1914-15 Star/BWM/Victory to 9313 Pte W Hill York & Lancs Reg MIC William to France 17/01/1915 Enlisted 1908. Entitled SWB Full service records 11 pages. £95.

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