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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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BWM named Major E G Bacon, Mercantile Marine named to E G Bacon, Victory Medal named to Major E G Bacon (with MID) 1935 Jubilee unnamed as issued, TEM named to L-Cpl E G Bacon . The MID was awarded LG 15/08/1917 Bacon E G Temp Captain Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport. The medals come with paperwork confirming MID etc. £700.

  BWM/Victory/ French Red Cross Medal/ French War Medal to R M Price, French Red Cross, FOUR WW1 MEDALS TO SISTER RHODA MARY PRICE WHO SERVED IN WITH THE FRENCH RED CROSS AND WAS IN FRANCE BETWEEN JANUARY AND JULY 1916, British War Medal impressed to R.M. PRICE., Victory Medal impressed to R.M. PRICE. French Red Cross Medal Red Cross 1864 1866 SB Medal (SB: Association for aiding the Wounded) unnamed as issued, French War Medal unnamed as issued. The four mounted for wear. Very little research with these. Sister Rhoda Mary Price arrived in France January 1916 for service with the French Red Cross, medal index card and medal roll entry for the BWM and VM and 9 photographs 7 of Edwardian holiday snaps one dated 1908, one of a dinner party with patients and nurses and one nurse portrait, the last two cut from postcards, are included. £300.

BWM/Victory/TFWM to 1553 Pte H J Spencer Middlesex Reg 6186/242951 East Kent Reg Died 08/04/1920 of TB contracted in India. Pensioned before hand. To India 09/10/1914. MIC & History 13 pages. £475.  

British War Medal, Victory Medal, TFWM, GVR TEM to 507 Pte/L-Cpl T Payne 4th Devonshire Regiment This Btn Only Served In India & Mesopatamia in WW1. £475.

British War Medal, Victory Medal, War Medal/South Africa War Medal/GVR TEM/Italy Cross Of War Merit/2 x SAAF ID Discs 167 SSM S H Boxall City Of London Yeomanry (TEM), Lieut (BWM & Victory Medal) South African Air Force (WW2 Medals). £350. 

 BWM/Victory/TFWM/GVR TEM to 240408 Pte G Turner East Surrey Reg. TFWM 09/12/1924. TEM 30/03/1925 MIC. George. £475. 

BWM/Victory to 174361 Pte J Oliver Canadian 86th Machine Gun Bn. Previously served 3 years Border Rifles, Born Hawick Scotland. Service history £130.


BWM/Victory 50759 Gnr F Shackleton Royal Artillery Fred. Medal rolls. MIC. entitled to 14/15 trio & SWB (Roll) GSW Medical records. Enlisted 01/06/1908 £48.


BWM & Vic Pair to R21521 Pte P L Richards Kings Royal Rifle Corps MIC Percy L. £48.

BWM/Vic Pair to 31993 Pte J Dennison Durham Light Infantry MIC James £45.


BWM/Victory to 17386 Pte S G Goddard Royal Scots Sydney G MIC confirming pair. Small pieces of original ribbon. £45.

A scarce Life Guards, GMGC pair in box of issue (with original ribbons) to 3884 Tpr B C Thompson 2nd Life Guards also 4864 Guards MGC. The medals also come with 7 pages of research.  £225.

BWM & IGS clasp Afghanistan NWF 1919 to 9174 Pte L Hoskins 1st South Lanc's. £165.

BWM & Victory Medals.

BWM/Victory Medal Pair to 28513 L/Cpl W Elvidge 1st Grenadier Guards Wounded 27/09/1918 GSW Left leg, Right arm and back. At attack on Premy Chapel with Lord Gort when he was awarded the VC for the attack. 3 Officers Killed, 7 Wounded, 35 Other ranks Killed and 24 Wounded Elvidge being one of them. MIC William Service history, medal roll, fully researched paperwork. Original ribbons £140.


BWM/Victory Medal Pair to 9099 Pte A C Taylor Honourable Artillery Company Infantry. MIC Alfred Charles Entitled to SWB Full service history, discharged 1917 no longer fit for further service.. From Sunderland. £75.


BWM/Victory to 17101 1.A.M. G E Mann, Royal Air Force, Original Ribbons £50.


BWM/Victory to 53467 Pte P Oulton W York R Percy, Original Ribbons on bar. MIC. £45.


BWM/Victory Medal Pair to 242143 Pte E Alderson, Lancashire Fusiliers MIC Edwin confirming pair. £45.

BWM/Vic Pair to  28060 Pte W Brown  Norfolk Reg Also 611993 Labour Corps MIC Walter. On original ribbons £48.

BWM/Vic Pair to 41266 Pte L C Slocombe Royal Warwickshire Reg Also 16/62626Royal Irish Rifles MIC Leonard C. On original ribbons £50.

BWM/Vic Pair to 25540 Pte H H Willcox Royal Warwickshire Reg Also 9178 Army Pay Corps MIC Henry H.  £50.

BWM/Vic Pair to 34999 Pte W H Price Royal Warwickshire Reg Also 71011 Manchester Reg MIC Wilfred H. £50.

BWM/Vic Pair to 14201 Pte W Biddell  Royal Warwickshire Reg Also 16655 Pte Royal Berks Reg, 273347 L/Cpl Royal Engineers, WR/288006 Royal Engineers MIC William. 18 pages service history. Served Egypt & Sudan on Military Railways Div as loco fireman & fitter. On original ribbons £60.

BWM/Vic (SA version) Pair to Pte K C Van Domarus 5th South African Infantry Ryl Reg on BWM £50.

BWM/Vic Pair 70550 Pte E Moore Liverpool Reg,  Also 45836 Labour Corps MIC Edward. Entitled to SWB £50.

BWM/Vic Pair to 37030 Pte H I C Lippett Cheshire Regiment,  Also 3/21044 South Wales Borderers,  L/37026 Kings Shropshire Light Infantry,  33752 Labour Corps,  362974 Royal Engineers ,  MIC Henry Ivor Charles 23 pages of service history.  Interesting reading.  £52.

BWM/Vic Pair to 1996EA W R Tattersall ERA Royal Navy Reserve Medal roll William R. On original ribbons £48.

BWM/Victory Medal Pair to 47835 Pte A T Beynon Monmouth Regiment Also 29893 KSLI MIC Abel T. 1911 Census, Birth Death Register. £70.

BWM/Victory Medal Pair to 9755 Pte H C Miller Honourable Artillery Company Infantry MIC Henry C. £70.

BWM & Victory Medals to Lieut W A Hewiston RAMC complete with MIC. £90.

1858 Dvr H R Rockhill Royal Engineers (T), 556313 RE.Herbert R MIC Entitled Pair only. Swing mounted as worn on original ribbons   £40.

MZ 36116 T Duerden Sig, RNVR Original ribbon. £50

T5-153 T H Willis Sig RNVR Court Mounted for display  £50

TZ 8062 W Robinson AB , RNVR  06/11/1915 6th Bn. RND Crystal Palace.  Came from 284 Sycamore St Ashington  Northumberland Court Mounted for display £70

TZ 11163 S Cox AB RNVR Court Mounted for display  £50

TZ 9938 A M Atkinson Tel RNVR Court Mounted for display  £50

WZ3327 H Sidaway Act LS RNVR Court Mounted for display  £50

3619/201055 Pte F J Fairclough  York Reg Francis J Original Ribbons  MIC. Entitled SWB  £42.

33502 Pte W Pearson W York R Wilfred Original Ribbons MIC. £42

19942 Pte C L Taylor  E York R Original Ribbon MIC. Charles L. £42

65646Pte Bell West Yorks Reg Also 79058 18th Hussars MIC. Arthur Pair only. On original ribbons. £42

58832 Pte F Pike  Cheshire Reg Frank. MIC £42

201276 Pte H Bower  S Lancs R Original Ribbons MIC  £42

S-23762 Pte F Mayston  Rifle Brigade Original Ribbons MIC £42

4283/D/12156 Pte J R Havill Royal Fusiliers/Corps of Dragoons In boxes of issue with original ribbon BWM nicely toned. (Mint) MIC. John R. only entitled pair.  £45     

46937 Pte C Abraham Essex Reg 42647 Pte Suffolk Reg 140746 Pte RAMC Original Ribbons  MIC £4253336 Pte J Robinson Manchester Reg MIC. Joseph Pair only£40

228382 Pnr R Hutton  Royal Engineers Road Transport Dept  Richard. Discharged 01/01/1918 entitled SWB  MIC. On original Ribbons. £40

1914/15 Star & BWM Groups.

1914/15 Star & BWM to 82424 Gnr H G Carter  Royal Field Artillery Horace G. To France 30/07/1915 MIC. £40.

1914/15 Stars.

LZ 2003 B G Brown  AB. RNVR 1st Bn. Royal Naval Division Crystal Palace. Came from Kennington London. Court mounted for display with original ribbon. £60.

CZ2763 T F Duncan Ord. RNVR Date of Entry 09/02/1915. 5th   Bn. Crystal Palace  Royal Naval Division Came from Glasgow.  Court mounted for display. £60.

LZ696 R R Anderson Sig RNVR  1st Bn. Crystal Palace  Royal Naval Division Came from Highgate London Court mounted for display. £60.

S Horne Deck Boy  Marine Fleet Auxiliary MIC. Entitled Mercantile Marine & BWM. Born London. Medals sent to 32 Leyton rd. Leytonstone.  £35

601 S.T. J Coulson L.St. Royal Navy Reserve John William Coulson Leading Trimmer HMS Fleet Messenger “Barry” Died 29/06/1916 on board hospital ship St. Margaret of Scotland. Buried East Mudros Military Cemetery Came from Blyth Service Papers, CWGC Paperwork   £85

C Richards Fireman Marine Fleet Auxillary Copy Roll of Naval War Medals Christopher Entitled Trio. Biarritz. £40

Dvr J B Nell CAHTC Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Corps  These medals were only ever issued with the rank, name & unit. Rare. £40

Rfn. R W Winkl South African Vetinary Corps Court Mounted. These medals were only ever issued with the rank, name & unit. £35

2923 Nk Waris Ali 104th Rifles  £55

2003 Driver Alaf Din 33 Mule Corps  £55

211 Sepoy Babar Shah 127 Queen Mary’s Own Baluch Light Infantry.  KIA 10/12/1916 Africa. CWGC Paperwork.£68

10148 Pte E Gibb Northumberland Fusiliers Entitled Trio & SWB.  Edward, To France 09/09/1915  MIC confirming SWB & Trio. Medal polished but clear.  £40.

16442 Pte J Mann Durham Light Infantry MIC. John Confirming Trio. To France 25/08/1915 Handle on sword bent a few knocks. £40.

41734 Spr J Ogden  Royal Engineers Entered France 06/07/1915Entitled 14/15 Trio. James. MIC confirming entitlement. £35.

83597 Spr/Cpl G Lumby  Royal Engineers MIC George Entitled Trio To Egypt 23/12/1915. £35.

122866 Pnr J Burrows Royal Engineers Also 294406 Pte Labour Corps. John.  Entered France 01/10/1915) Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. Original ribbon. £35.

2451/492163 Dvr J L Simpkins  Royal Engineers James L.Entered France 01/03/1915) Copy MIC.Entitled Trio.Original ribbon. £35.

80802 Dvr/Spr J Allan  Royal Engineers James. Entered Egypt 27/10/1915 Copy MIC. Entitled Trio.  £35.

011290 Pte E Briggs  Royal Army Ordinance Corps Also 320678 Pte Norfolk Reg Ernest Entered France 21/12/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. £40. 

17017 Pte R McCann  7th Royal Scots Fusiliers Robert.  Entered France 04/10/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB. Original ribbon  £40.  

SE-8555 Pte W H Thorn Army Vetinary Corps Walter Henry. Entered France 05/06/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB. Discharged 22/01/1916 (Wounds?) Original ribbon £40    

27906 Sjt H S Ramsey Lancashire Fusiliers Herbert S. Entered Gallipoli 34/11/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB. Original ribbon. £42.

47560 Pte H Davis  Royal Army Medical Corps Harry.  Entered France 30/05/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. £38      

27455 Pte G Bellinger  Royal Army Medical Corps Entered Egypt 08/10/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio.  £38   

47295 Pte W Small  Royal Army Medical Corps Walter.  Entered France 05/10/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB. £35.     

11904 Pte W S Simmons  6th Royal Lancs Reg Also 27372 Pte Border Reg  KIA 20/11/1917 F&F. William Stenton.  Entered Balkans (Gallipoli) 13/06/1915 Copy MIC, CWGC, Soldiers Died paperwork. Entitled Trio. £90    

15478 L/Cpl J Plumb  8th South Lancs Reg Joseph.  Entered France 28/09/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB. Discharged 22/06/1917 (Wounds?) Original ribbon. £40      

20170 Pte M Quinn West Yorks Reg 168982 Pte Labour Corps Mathew  Entered France 09/08/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. Discharged 11/03/191 Original ribbon  £40      

16286 Pte W Beadling East York’s Reg William Entered Balkans (Gallipoli) 14/07/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. Original ribbon £40  

13538 Pte F Urwin York’s Reg Frederick. Entered France 26/08/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. £40    

19747 Pte J W Robson York’s Reg Also 47650 Pte Kings Liverpool Reg John William Entered Balkans (Gallipoli) 26/10/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio. Original ribbon £40      

13307 Pte A West Yorkshire Light Infantry Alfred Entered France 26/08/1915 Copy MIC.Entitled Trio & SWB Discharged 21/09/1917 Original ribbon £40      

R-12245 Pte W Mason  Kings Royal Rifle Corps William MIC Entered France 17/08/1915. Entitled Trio £42.

Sheikh Ahmad Post Office A rare star to the Indian Post Office With the original ribbon (8”).  £75.

Vic to Lt. Henry Thompson Williams A Coy 39th Bn. 10th Bde Australian Imperial Force. Wounded Gassed 1st Day of Messines. Service history came from Sebastopol Ballarat. Original ribbon £180.

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