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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo 1818 to Soldat Behr. Tiedemann Landw. Bat. Bremervorde Ring & silver Waterloo type of clip suspender. NEF £850.


Navy General Service Medal 1847 Single Clasp Syria to George Kelly HMS Bellerophon Medal roll confirming clasp, Couple of edge knocks 5 & 7 o'clock £1000.  

Punjab Medal 1849 2 clasps Goojerat & Chinianwala to  Bartw McAniff 29th Foot (Worcestershire) He was invalided on 22 August 1849 and returned to England 1st March 1850. With confirmation Entitled to Sutlej Medal 1845-46VF £800.

Punjab Medal 1849 2 clasps Goojerat & Chinianwala John Johnston 29th Foot (Worcestershire)VF £750.

Crimea 1854, Clasp Sebastopol, Capt Astley Greene, 44th Reg (East Essex}, Medal rolls show entitlement to Turkish Crimea as a Major. Top bar same design as the India Medal pin missing. On original ribbon. Some research  Muster roll 1842 Ensign. Edinburgh Gazette Lt to Captain 1854. Died Windsor 1859.  Needs further research. NEF £575.


Crimea 1854, Clasp Sebastopol, 2903 William Knight, 48th Reg of Foot Slightly wounded 15/08/1855. Medal rolls show entitlement to clasp, Impressed On original ribbon. £375.


Crimea 1854 Clasp Sebastopol to J Hill 48th Reg of Foot Privately engraved On original ribbon. Needs researching VF £375.

Turkish Crimea 1855 La Crimea issue to 1177 Sgt William Gyde 72nd Highlanders (Seaforth Highlanders) He is entitled to the Crimea Medal Clasp Sebastopol & Indian Mutiny Medal Clasp Central India. Born Dublin, Enlisted 1839 aged 13 at Paisley, Served , Gibralta, West Indies, North America, Malta, Crimea & East Indies. Discharged 1867 Deserted sentenced to 365 days imprisonment with hard labour. Medal Roll & Service history paperwork. The medal has been brooched at some time (F) Contempory regimental engraving Scarce to find a named Turkish Crimea. £225.

Baltic unnamed as issued £220.

Baltic Medal 1856, Unnamed as officially issued to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines EF £225.

Indian Mutiny no clasp to 2420 Sgt John Ward 1st Btn 5th Fus ( Northumberland Fusiliers). Service papers enlisted 1846, Pensioned Sgt 1867. Imprisoned & reduced to ranks 1868. £325.

Indian Mutiny no clasp to J Barrett 1st Btn 5th Fus ( Northumberland Fusiliers). Pte Barrett also served with the 88th Ft (Conaught Rangers). The medal comes with rolls for both the 5th & 88th Ft. £295.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 1 Clasp Central India Lt. Col S H Partridge 24th Bombay Native Infantry NEF needs research £800.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 1 Clasp Central India to Robt Fenwick 71st Highland Light Infantry  vf cond. New ribbon with tatty old one with it. Couple Small EK’s. With medal rolls NEF £500.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 2 Clasps Relief of Lucknow & Lucknow to E White  90th Lt Infantry (Perthshire Volunteers Light Infantry) Couple Small EK’s VF £675.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 2 Clasps Lucknow/Relief of Lucknow Pte. Charles Hilford 1st Battn 5th Foot Northumberland Fusiliers Service papers, enlisted 15 years old Wounded Lucknow 11/09/1857 Transferred to 102nd Foot. (1st Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers # 4503)1863 served 21 years. The medal comes with paperwork confirming clasps and been wounded. £850.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 1 Clasp Central India to 3141 Private Robert Mills 71st Regiment (The Highland Light Infantry)  Entitled to Crimea Clasp Sebastopol & Turkish Crimea. Medal rolls NEF £550.

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1859 2 Clasps Lucknow & Relief of Lucknow to B Foy 2nd Bn Military Train Attached to Bengal Artillery, Entitled to LS&GC With service papers, born Armagh. Enlisted 13th of Foot Somerset light Infantry. NEF £625. 

Canadian General Service Medal 1866-70 1 Clasp Fenian Raid 1866 to L/Cpl C A Wilson 10th R Regt EF £350. 

Afghanistan 1881 No Clasp to  Lieut J Davidson 81st Foot Lieutenant Colonel John Davidson. Lieutenant 81st Regt. 1874. Adjutant The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1880. Captain 1881. Served with the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren 1884-85. Adjutant 3rd and 4th Bn.'s (3rd Lancashire Militia) 1887. Major (Depot) 1893. Major, 2nd in command. Commandant School of Instruction for Militia and Volunteers Aldershot21st December 1897 – 7th March 1899. Lieutenant Colonel /Substantive Colonel 17 Dec 1901. Retired 1905. Service papers. Only entitlement. NEF £695.

Afghanistan 1881 No Clasp 897 L/Cpl. T Harrison 8th Bde. 51st Reg. The medal has QSA suspender & it is missing the Ali Musjid clasps. EK’s otherwise G/F. £225.

Indian General Service 1854 1 Clasp Perak to 1929 Pte J Sergen 1st 10th of Foot (Lincoln Reg) Medal roll confirming clasp. EF £395.

Indian General Service 1854 Clasp Hazara 1891 to 1101 Pte B Smith, 1st Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Medal roll confirming clasp, NEF£310.

IGS Clasps Burma 1885-7.  Hazara 1891 to 1498 Pte C Jones 2nd Bn South Wales Borderers , The company commander for the SWB was Maj. G. Bromhead VC, of Rorks Drift fame  Hazara clasp loose & 2 EK’s. Service Paperwork confirming clasps etc.  £475.

IGS Clasp Samana 1891 to Sepoy M Singh Chindwin Military Police Battalion. £180.

Indian General Service 1854, 1 Clasp Jowaki 1877-8 to 1548 Pte Rich,d Jackson 4th Bn Rifle Brigade  EF £325.

Indian General Service 1854 1 Clasp Waziristan 1894-5 to 2665 Pte G Davis 2nd Bn Border Reg Also entitled to QSA 5 Clasps CC/OFS/Trans/Tug Heights/ Rel of Lady. Accidentally drowned SA 16/06/1901 Medal rolls confirming clasps. NEF £425.

Egypt Medal 1882-89 Dated 1882 Clasp Tel-El-Kebir to 4976 Pte W Machell AHC. £295.


Egypt Medal 1882 Dated 2 Clasps The Nile 1884-85. & Kirbekan to 2197 M Roberts, 1st South Staffs Regiment, Medal rolls confirming clasps. Entitled Khedives Star. (GVF) £425.

Egypt Medal 1882-89  Undated Dated  Clasp The Nile 1884-85 to 1807 Pte O McKone 2/Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry Entitled to Khedive’s Star  £295.

Egypt Medal 1882-89 (undated) 1 Clasp Suakin 1885 to 2734 Pte S Mc Mahon 3rd Coy C & T C GVF £265.  

Africa General Service Medal. 1 Clasp Jubaland Lieut H W W Milthorp 3/K A  R officially renamed VF. £325  

Queens Sudan to 3541 Pte W Hanrahan 1st Northumberland Fusiliers Entitled Khedives Sudan Clasp Khartoum QSA Clasps Belmont/ Modder River/OFS/ Transvaal. KSA Clasps SA 01/02. 14/15 Star/BWM/Vic  as 94658 Spr Royal Engineers & 423402 Labour Corps. Died 1936. Service history Medal rolls & MIC. £425.

Khedives Sudan Medal 1896-1908 Clasp Khartoum to 3700 J Halligan 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers Medal rolls Entitled Queens Sudan & KSA Clasps SA01 & SA02 Couple EK's & Suspender a little loose otherwise VF £275.

Rhodesia 1896 to Bugler J W Hardy Belingwe Staff Colm A very scarce medal. This example has, at an early time, been brooch mounted on the obverse and shows signs of the mountings in the legends and on the upper rim at 2'o'clock.  The naming is 100% unaffected and complete in the normal engraved block capital style. It looks like the family had this done and then returned the medal to its original suspended state as the suspender is clearly the original item.  Only 10 medals awarded to this unit this the only bugler. On original ribbon. (VF) Copy of medal roll £495.

Volunteer Long Service & Good Conduct Medal 1894 100 Pte S W Bradbury 1st Volunteer Bn Border Reg NEF £120.

QSA Clasp Belmont to 5295 Pte J Coutts 3rd Grenadier Guards wounded in the Famous Guards action at Belmont. £395.  

Queens South Africa 1899-1902, Clasps Cape Colony/Relief of Ladysmith, 5239 C Fields, 1st York & Lancashire Reg, Wounded Spion Kop 20/01/1900 again 24/01/1900 Died of Wounds 24/01/1900 Ventners Spruit, Research & medal roll. 3rd Type (EF) £625

Queens South Africa 1899-1902 2 clasps. South Africa 1902. Cape Colony 4526 Serjt J Stevens Yorkshire Reg  4th Bn Green Howards Died of disease (enteric)12 May 1902 Vryburg Some research £275.

QSA 2 Clasp ‘CC’‘Drie’ 5039 Pte J W Garbutt 3/Grenadier Guards Died Of Disease South Africa 10/5/1900. £250.  

Queens South Africa 1899-1902 3 Clasps CC. Trans. SA 1901. W D MacMurtry Surgeon William Dickson LRCP, LRCS Edn. LFPS Glasgow Attached RAMC N0 8 General Hospital Bloomfontiein & No7 General Hospital Pretoria. Was house surgeon Memorial Hospital Jarrow & others. Lots of research including death cert. 3rd Type. Toned NEF £450.  

4640 Pte E Sanderson Durham Light Infantry 3 Clasps CC, OFS & SA1901. 2nd Type. Suspender a little loose otherwise NEF. £125.  

Queens South Africa 1899-1902, 3 Clasps CC. Trans. Wittebergen to 1254 Pte W T Butler, 2nd Bn. Worcestershire Reg, Entitled to KSA 2 clasps, copy medal rolls. 3rd Type. NEF £225.

 Queens South Africa 1899-1902 4 Clasps CC, OFS, Trans, SA 1902 to  8715 Pte F Kerr 3rd Volunteer Active Service Coy Argyl and Sutherland Highlanders Medal roll confirming clasps. 3rd Type NEF £160.

2784 Pte D Roberts 1st Cameroon Highlanders 4 clasps CC, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill & Wittebergen. Pte Roberts was wounded 21/7/1900 at Spitzkop.  2nd type Ghost  Dates NEF £375.

 31641 Pte. H Clavey 62nd Coy (Middlesex) Imp Yeomanry. 4 Clasps CC, OFS, Trans, SA 1901. EF £160.

Queens South Africa 1899-1902 5 Clasps Relief of Kimbely/Paardeberg/Johannesburg/DiamondHill/Wittebergen to 5567 Pte A Robertson 7th Mounted Infantry Kings Own Scottish BorderersAlso entitled to KSA 2 clasps SA01 & SA02 One rivet on clasps missing & heavy edge knock at 3 o'clock, Medal rolls for both medal entitlement 3 small others. 3rd Type  (NVF) £210.

Queens South Africa 1899-1902 5 Clasps CC, OFS, Trans, SA 1901, SA 1902 to 20010 Pte W R Jones to 48th Coy Imp Yeo. (North Somerset) 3rd Type (EF) £150.

30726 Pte O T Jones 85th Coy (Rough Riders) Imperial Yeomanry 5 clasps CC, OFS, Transvaal, SA 1901 & SA 1902. NEF/EF £170.

4351 Pte R Schofield 2nd Dragoons Guards 5 clasps CC, OFS, Transvaal, SA 1901 & SA 1902. The medal comes with a copy of the roll confirming the clasps and is in NEF/EF condition. £190.

4528 Pte L Metcalfe 6th Dragoons 5 clasps CC, OFS, Transvaal, SA 1901 & SA 1902. The medal comes with a copy of the roll confirming the clasps and is in NEF/EF condition. £190.  

6667 Pte T Leigh Royal Warwick Regiment 5 clasps CC, OFS, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill Belfast. EF £190.

24966 Far Serjt J McMartin 6th Coy (Staffordshire) Imp Yeo. 5 Clasps CC, OFS, Trans, SA 1901, SA 1902. Scarce rank 3rd  Type EF £265.  

Queens South Africa 1899-1902, 6 Clasps CC, OFS, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast & SA 1901 to 2981Pte Harry Matthews 4/R Warwicks 6th Foot Comes from Birmingham With papers 2nd Type NEF £300.

QSA 7 clasps Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laings Nek and SA01 to 3245 Pte G W Butcher 12th Lancers £450.

India Medal clasp Relief OF Chitral 1895 to 4601 Pte H White 1st KRRC. £240.

Vic. Army LS & GC. 1855-74 type to 2416 Corpl Patrick Cummins 63rd Foot (West Sussex Reg) Entitled to Crimea Medal Clasp Balaklava, Invalided 23 March 1855 Medal Roll Further research needed. £230.

Vic. Army LS & GC. 1855-74 type to  2717 Pte Jas Carter 99th Foot (2nd Wilts) Service history only entitlement NEF £160.

Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal 1900 to 1948 Ernest Dixon 11th CO. 3rd IMP YEO, Medal rolls confirming Entitled to a QSA 3 clasps CC/OFS/Trans/ SA 1901. A nice medal Dated 1900-1901 in great condition unfortunately some of the recipients details have been erased the service number and some details have survived a rare medal. £250.

Volunteer Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (Vic) to 7000 Sergt Geo Hunter, Queens Rifle Volunteer Brigade Royal Scots  The medal is very nicely engraved to :  REGT NO 7000 SERGT GEO. HUNTER. Q.R.V.B.R.S. 26TH FEBRY 1898 This medal is in very good condition with no noticeable edge knocks or bruises. It comes complete with it's original mounting brooch for wearing. NEF  £150.

Vic. Army LS & GC. 1874-1901 type. Lettering on reverse and rim has been polished off and engraved in its place "PRESENTED TO JWT BY HIS COMRADES FOR SKILL AT ARMS 1887" In excellent condition. Worth researching. £100.

RN LSGC (Vic) 2nd Type to Thomas Tunbridge, Chief Boatman in Charge, HM Coast Guard, Service history, Pension and medal 12/04/1880 From New Romney Kent. Impressed naming £220.

RN LSGC (Vic) 2nd Type to F E Tonkin ERA 2nd Cl. HMS Tartar NEF Impressed £250.

RN LSGC (Vic) "A" Type young head to W.E. AMSDEN, CHF: BTM: HM Coast Guard  William Edward Amsden was the son of a Tooth Brush Manufacturer. He served in the Royal Navy before being transferred to H.M. Coastguard, initially serving with the N. Irish Division. He served at Fanad Head, Donegal, Greencastle, Donegal and then as Chief Officer for Portrush Coastguard Station (still operating). He is recorded on the 1911 Census as living at Portsmouth as a 'Retired Chief Officer, H.M. Coastguard'. He died a couple of months later, his death being returned in June 1911. £225



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