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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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Medals to 2 brothers 1939/45 Star, Italy, France and Germany Star and War Medal. Box of issue & medal slip to Mr. H Purple, 157 Belvoir Road, Coalville Leics JX422123 H Purple Royal Navy Copy BDM indexes for him & wife. NGS Clasps Near East, Canal Zone to P/SS 90512 B Purple AB Royal Navy. With Canal Zone clasp packet of issue. Needs researching. All on original ribbons £450. 

GSM GVIR clasp Palestine, 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Defence & War Medals to 4736248 Pte R Greenwood 2nd & 11th Btns York & Lancaster Regiment (Chindits) Died Of Wounds 27/11/1945. Born & Enlisted Sheffield Buried Pontefract. £450

GSM GVIR clasp Palestine, 1939/45 Star, F&G Defence & War Medals to 4341386 Pte R J Williams East Yorkshire Regiment. £225.

GSM GVIR Clasp ‘Palestine’/1939-45 Star/Africa Star/France & Germany Star/Defence Medal/War Medal to 4532683 Pte S E Shaw West Yorkshire Regiment. £245.

GSM GVIR Clasp ‘Palestine’/1939-45 Star/Africa Star/Burma Star/Defence Medal/War Medal to 4531249 Pte A McBlaine West Yorkshire Regiment. £245. 

GSM GVIR Clasp ‘Palestine’/1939-45 Star/Africa Star/Italy Star/France & Germany Star/Defence Medal/War Medal//Regular Army Discharge Book 552444 Tpr R L Green Royal Scots Greys & 11th Hussars. £375.

Group of Five 1939/45 Star/F&G Star/Defence Medal/39/45 War Medal/Cadet Fores Medal & 2 Bars Major LHS Bishop Army Cadet Force LG pages confirming promotions & CFM & clasps Needs researching more. Spinks & Son Court mounted as worn. £300.

Group of four to 1939-45 Star/Defence Medal/War Medal/GVIR TEM 2039582 Gnr J W Bennett Royal Artillery Swing mounted as worn. £95.

1939-45 Star, Defence & War Medals all unnamed as issued, Territorial Efficiency Medal 3448506 Pte R Reid KSLI. The medals come complete with the box of issue (sent to Mr R Reid 210 Boarshaw Rd Middleton Manchester) & the medal issue slip. £135.

1939-45 Star/Atlantic Star/Africa Star/War Medal/NLSGC GVIR K-63767 S.P.O R A Paske HMS ‘Neptune’ Royal Navy KIA 19/12/1941 Off Tripoli Along With 766 Other Officers & Ratings. £395.

Group of  Seven 1939/45 Star/Africa Star/Italy Star/Defence  Medal/War Medal/ GSM E11R Clasp Cyprus 22251559 B/M R Adair Highland Light Infantry Bandsman Court mounted as worn. £145.

1939-45 Star/Burma Star/War Medal/GSM GVIR Clasp ‘S E Asia 1945-46’ to  5962149 Pte G Colburn West Yorkshire Regiment. £275.

1939-45 Star, Burma Star/War Medal/GSM GVIR Clasp ‘S E Asia 1945-46’ to 14993010 Pte E Theobold Lincolnshire Regiment. £275.  

Group of Four. 1939/45 Star, Defence Medal, 39/45 War Medal. GSM Clasp Palestine 1945-48 (All EF.) to 891554 Gnr G Hamilton Royal Artillery, Medal issue paper WW11 & Box of issue & paperwork confirming the GSM. He came from Elswick Newcastle. £120.

1939/45 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, 1962 GSM clasp Malaya Peninsula, RAF LS&GC. to 1100156 F/Sgt-WO J F Martin RAF. The first 5 swing mounted the GSM in box of issue. £275.

1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star with North 1942-43 clasp, Italy Star, War Medal all unnamed as issued Navy LSGC EIIR to MX90366 A W Lowdon Mech 1 HMS Warrior. £185. 

1939/45 Star, Afica Star, Italy Star, Defence & War Medal unnamed as issued to 4620019 Pte Hugh Reginald Brown, The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment (West Riding). The medals come with AB64 Soldiers Service & Paybook, 2 Medical Cards,  Daughters National Identity Card, National Blood Transfusion Donor Card & a photo of soldiers outside tents. £95.

GVI Pakistan Indepence Medal 1947, 1939/45 Star, Burma Star, War Medal & India Service Medal to S/Lieut Zuliqar Khan 16th Punjab Regiment. 5 NEF £95.

1939/45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Territorial Efficiency Medal (GV1) Bar Territorial. 2587466 Cpl. J W Davison Royal Signals. First four unnamed as issued. TEM toned otherwise all EF, swing mounted as worn. £95. 

1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star w/c France & Germany, War Medal, Coastguard Auxiliary (Elizabeth II) Long Service medal (Mint), to PETER FRASER COASTGUARD AUXILIARY SERVICE  Correctly engraved naming to PETER FRASER. Group is accompanied by lapel badges for the COAST LIFE SAVING CORPS (George VI) and COASTGUARD AUXILIARY SERVICE (Elizabeth II) and two hallmarked, silver, engraved sporting medals for the late 1940'S  for the South Hams, Royal Navy, Harvey and Victory cups. £300.

1939-45 Star/Africa Star/Defence Medal/39/45 War Medal/Africa Service Medal (Silver) to 123715 Cpl W J MacKenzie, South Africa Engineers Coy, William John (British Scotland). Full service history. Court of Enquiry lost his rifle at Asmara. On bomb disposal course. Swing mounted for display. £125.


Africa Star 8th Army Clasp/Defence Medal/39/45 War Medal/Africa Service Medal (Silver) to 176928 Cpl J F Botha, South Africa Engineers  Survey Coy, Jacobus Francios. £125.

1939/45 Star/Africa Star/Italy Star/Defence  Medal/War Medal/Queens Korea/UN Korea.19045654 Fus W Cook Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Copy photos of RNF soldiers 0ne believed to be Cook. Court mounted for display. £450.

1939/45 Star/ Africa Star Clasp North Africa 1942-43/ Defence Medal/War Medal. to 649469 Cpl M. Clasper Royal Air Force Medals swing mounted as worn on pin bar. Matthew. Fitter 11A. Service & Release book, Ration books (3 x 1953/54) for family (named) Photo album with leatherette cover embossed with camels & arabs contains 233 wartime photos including planes and enemy planes mainly desert backgrounds + 4 Xmas dinner menus (1940/41/42/43) for 47 Squadron, another album with mainly photos of Egypt, 41 other loose snap shots of him & comrades & various other scenes, 5 post card photos 1 of R101 Airship at Cardington Bedford, 1 of some graves. Some photos with notes on the back.One mans history of the war & after in photos. £400.

GSM. GV1R Clasps Palestine 1945-48/Malaya to 14474598 Pte A McWattie Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders who served in Palestine during the Jewish Revolt. Plus Efficiency Medal bar T&AVR 23714146 Sgt A McWattie, Royal Engineers Court mounted for display £275.

Queens Korea & UN Korea  to  22407027 Pte R S Meachin Welsh Reg Wounded 23/06/1952  In original boxes of issue with ribbon & UN swing mounted as issued  £550.  

Queens Korea & UN Korea to 22460895 Pte J Wake Durham Light Infantry Swing mounted as worn. £350.

Queens Korea & UN Korea to 22711064 Pte W Holdsworth Duke of Wellingtons Reg. £350.

Queens Korea & UN Korea to 22523869 Pte R Thom. Royal Scots. £350.

GSM EIIR clasp Mayala & AGSM clasp Kenya to 23201058 Rfn T W Hall Rifle Brigade. £325.

CSM Clasp South Arabia, UN Cyprus to 24029194 Pte W K Trent RESERVED

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