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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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DCM. GV to 19165 Sgt M Duckworth, 12/13 Northumberland Fusiliers, MIC Michael entitled to 14/15 Trio entered France 17/12/1915, LG 03/091918 "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During an enemy attackhe establihed a position on the left flank of the company, but, finding that the enemy continued to advance, he took his Lewis gun and magazines, and went forward under heavy shell and machine gun fire, and established a position in front of the trench, where by skilful use of his gun he dispersed the enemy parties. probably Dickebusch 26/04/1918.

Copy of War Diary April 1918 & Medal rolls. Served 12th NF's, 21st NF's (Tyneside Scottish). Well toned £895.

DCM GV unnamed as issued to foreign allies. £550.

DCM, MM second award Bar. £250.

An outstanding DSM, BEM group of 9. DSM GVI to CPO C H Reeves D/JX 128125, BEM Military to CPO Cecil  H Reeves DSM D/JX 128125, NGSM GVI clasp Palestine 1936-39 to DSM D/JX 128125 C H Reeves A/LS RN, 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, WW2 War Medal & a 1937 Jubilee Medal. The DSM was awarded LG 19th May 1944 & the citation is a follows, The King has been graciously pleased to award you the Distinguished Service Medal for leadership & outstanding courage and skill shown in H M S Palomares in operations which led to successful landings at Salerno in September 1943, the BEM was awarded LG 9th June 1949. The medals come with paperwork which includes an original letter telling C P O Reeves of the award of the DSM, original Buckingham Palace slip to C P O Reeves saying the King is unable to present the BEM personally, original Buckingham Palace issue slip for the 1937 Coronation, photo copies of paperwork outlying details of the landings at Salerno, photo copies of paperwork outlying details of the award of the BEM, a photo copy of a local newspaper detailing the award of the DSM, copies of the LG for both the DSM & BEM.    £2600.  

MM. GV/BWM/Vic/Defence Medal. To 30235 L/Cpl A Young 16th Btn. Highland Light Infantry Alexander. MIC, Copy LG 1919. Original  Certificate Gen Rawlinson congatulations on the award. Original Certificate Divisional Commander for gallantry from Amiens to Avesnes 8th August – 11th November 1918.Defence Medal has original box of issue and medal slip plus registered box sent to him. £695.

MM GV,  1914 Star, BWM, Victory Medal 8211 Dvr S Virtue 6th Divisional Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery, 120th By, 27th Bde. (Leith), copy London Gazette, MIC, service papers& MM paper. Enlisted 14/04/1910. MM LG 11.02.1919. Entered France 11/09/1914. Samuel. Original ribbons. £650.

MM GV to 538443, 1914/15 Star, BWM & Victory Medals to 1654 Cpl R J Shepherd 6th London Field Ambulance RAMC. £595.

MM GV/14 Star & Bar/BWM. to 73745 Sjt R Cotcher A 28th Bde Royal Field Artillery 14 Star named to73745  Dvr R Catcher (same man) MIC’s, Copy LG 17/06/1919 Entered France 16/08/1914 £440.

MM. GV/BWM/Vic to 17635 T-Cpl H Alder. Royal Engineers. A Great War Western Front Battle of Arras Military Medal group awarded to Temporary Corporal H.H. Alder, Royal Engineers, who served with the British Expeditionary Force from 16th August 1914, and was decorated with the Military Medal in the gazette for 26th May 1917. Entitled to 14 Star & Bar, MIC Harold Entered France 16/08/1914, Medal roll Act/Sgt. £385.

MM GV, BWM & Victory Medals to 37028 Gnr E Oakes RFA. The group comes with a copy of the LG for the MM. 3 NEF £450.

MM. GV & Vic. to 50485 F J Tovee Royal Garrison Artillery  78 Siege Bty LG 12/12/1917 MIC entitled 14/15 Trio.Entered France 11/09/1915. (NEF) £365.

MM GV erased otherwise NEF. £225.

MM GV to R-9118 Pte T Walker 2nd BTN KKRC (Longton) MM was LG 14th May 1919. £350.


MM. GV. to 325182 Sjt E Waugh 1st/9th Bn Durham Light Infantry TF, MIC Ernest to France 20/04/1915 Entitled to 14/15 trio  LG 18/07/1917 £350.

Military Medal GV to 242409 Pte T Graham Northumberland Fusiliers Copy LG 06/08/1918 page & MIC, MM Award. Thomas Original Ribbon 8” £365.

MM. GV to 79677 Gnr W Croft Royal Field Artillery  B 57 Bde. Copy LG 18/06/1917 MIC William, entitled 14/15 Trio. Entered Egypt 20/07/1915. (EF). £345.

MM GV to S-/1577 L.Cpl F E Butler 16/RIF BDE. £375.

MM GV to 62844 Pte D S Cordukes 92nd Field Ambulance RAMC. The MM was awarded LG 14/05/1919. Pte Cordukes is also entitled to a 1914/15 Trio. The medal comes with a copy of the LG & MIC. 1 NEF £350.

MM. GV to 61100 Gnr F Ballard Royal Field Artillery  88 Bty . 14/A Bde. Copy LG 16/07/1918 MIC Frederick, entitled 14/15 Trio. Came from Clapham Entered France 31/07/1915. (NEF) £340.

MM GV to 750868 Gnr F Ballard A/235 Brigade RFA. The MM was awarded LG 13/9/1918. The medal comes with copies LG & MIC. £340.  

Military Medal GV 200529 Pte F.W.Scott  5th Bn. Durham Light Infantry TF. MIC, Entitled to pair, Service history The medal is polished but naming clear (G) £350.

MM. GV. to 81219 Pte J R Baston 15th Bn Durham Light Infantry LG 23/07/1919  Copy MIC, LG & Service history, wounded. Entitled pair from Newcastle £420.

MM. GV. to 61695 Gnr J G Briggs 123rd  Sge Bty  Royal Garrison Artillery LG 27/06/1918  MIC & MM card & LG page. John G. Entitled pair only. (NEF) Full Service history. £345.

MM GV to 104525 Bdr. F Edmunds D. 174 Bde Royal Field Artillery MIC. Copy LG. Short Service history. Entitled pair. Fredrick.  £345.

MM GV to 242409 Pte T Graham Northumberland Fusiliers Copy LG 06/08/1918 page & MIC, MM Award. Thomas Original Ribbon 8”. £365.

MM. GV to 307277 Pte R Hulme  2/8th Royal Warwickshire Reg (TF) LG 18/03/1918 MIC copy LG. (NEF). £380.

MM. GV to 56054 Pte J McGuire 21st Northumberland Fus (Tyneside Scottish)LG. 16/07/1918 (EF) Entitled 14 Star Bar Trio Entered France 25/08/1914 James. Copy MIC, LG, MM award & Pages from St. Georges Gazette.  £450.

MM. GV to 75081 Pte D MacLeod Royal Army Medical Corps MIC Donald. Entitled pair .LG page 17/06/1919. Repair to claw on suspender (G/VF) £325.

MM. GV to 37956 Pte E Oliver Royal Army Medical Corps Entitled Pair. LG 20/08/1919. Ernest W, Copy LG, MIC To France 27/09/1915 entitled 14/15 Trio £350.

MM. GV to 149778 Gnr J R Shields, 150 Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery Copy LG 23/02/1918 MIC John Reed, entitled pair. Service papers, Enrolled aged 16 04/05/1909 Number 361 Territorial Force Tynemouth RGA. Gassed (mustard) Came from North Shields. Entered France 27/08/1916. (NEF) £345.

MSM GV with MID to 2/Cl Ass Surgeon Harry Basil  Rosair Indian Sub Medical Department LRCP & SILAH & LM (Dublin)D TM Born 2/5/1882Comm dates 31/3/1903-19/3/1915 (Civil UP) 9th Division LG for MSM 3/3/19 page 2997 for MESOPOTAMIA LG to the rank of Senior Asst Surgeon with the rank of Lieut 12/1/1920 page 565 Capt LG 17/12/1926 Retire as Major 1/5/1937/Awarded Mid LG 27/8/1918 for Mespot with all the LG some research of his later life in England as doctor. £500. 


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