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VC related Life Saving Medal

2 QSA's Casualties.

A scarce 1914 Star group to a woman with a confirmed MID & a foreign award.

Casualty Pair to the 41st Btn AIF.

Crimea Medal to an Officer.

Hanoverian Medal for Waterloo


MC group of 5.


Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medal

Life Guards Victorian Group.

Liverpool Pals KIA.

Knight Batchelors Badge

2 clasp Mutiny.

IGS clasp Perak.

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Foreign Medals


Order of Leopold (Commander) Neck Ribband  (Gilt and enamels) (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba). 275.

Order of Leopold (Officer), With Carbouch (Gilt and enamels) (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) (Gilt and enamels) 100.

Order of Leopold 11 (Officer)  With Carbouch Gilt and enamels (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) 80.

Order of Leopold 11 (Knight) Gilt and enamels (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba)  45.

Order of Leopold 11 (Knight) Gilt and enamels, Silver & enamels with bronze SwordsAn early issue. 85.

  Order of the Crown (Officer) (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba), With Carbouch, Gilt and enamels. 55.

Order of the Crown (Knight) Gilt and enamels (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba). 45.

Order of the Crown Academic Plames gilt, (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) 25.

Order of the Crown Palms 25.

Order of the Crown Academic Plames gilt, (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) 20.

Military Cross 1st Class  (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) Gilt and enamels. 90.



Cross for Military Operations (Foreign) 1st Class Gilt and enamels (Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba) 50.



Cross for Military Operations (Foreign) 2nd Class (Gilt and enamels)

(Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba)                                                                                     45



Cross for Military Operations (Foreign) 3rd Class (Gilt and enamels)

(Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba)                                                                                     40




Medal for Active Service 

(Maker Eekelers-Centini bvba)                                                                                 35


Medal for Military Assistance                                                                            45



Medal for Foreign Operations (Unarmed)                                                            20




Volunteers 1940 - 45                                                                                         15:00



Medal for the Resistance Army1940-1945






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